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Board Meeting
Monday, Sept. 14th 6PM
Location: TBD

Walters Management Co.
3207 Grey Hawk Court Suite 140
Carlsbad, CA 92010
phone: 760 431-2522   
fax: 760 431-2512

Phone Nika or Becca:
760 930 7829


phone:760 930 7829

Santander and San Sebastian are a part of San Pacifico COE known as Area A.


It consists of 202 single family homes ranging in size from 3,000 to 3,850 square feet. Some have attached casitas that serve as home offices or workout rooms. The homes were constructed by Greystone Homes.

The Board members for 2017/18 are as follows:


President Dennis Conlon
Vice President Steve Adler
Treasurer Kris Doan
Secretary Barbara Kesten
Director Mary Frances Stanley

Thinking about making an Architectural change?


In order to maintain the architectural character of the San Pacifico Area A Homeowners Association, it is necessary that modifications of structures, materials and colors be compatible with the original design. The Board of Directors, by setting standards and approving additions and alterations, does not desire to stifle creativity, but rather to assure a continuity of design, which will help preserve the integrity and appearance of the community.

Architectural control enhances the value of your property and is an integral part of the CC&R's governing the community.

Homeowners are reminded that approval from the Architectural Committee is required for any exterior addition, 
alteration or modification.

Failure to obtain the necessary approval may constitute a violation of the CC&R's and/or the Rules and Regulations and may require modification or removal at the expense of the homeowner.

Need a form? Contact Walters Management at 858-576-5557

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