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If you have an idea for a community group, contact us at and have your group added.

We love our San Pacifico Community. Here we offer a variety of ways for you to get to know your neighbors, invite your neighbors to share your favorite sport hobby, or play group, or to keep informed.

Tennis Group

The Tennis Group Discussion Group will have the primary purpose of helping individuals in San Pacifico find neighbors with similar tennis interests and abilities who would like to play tennis at the San Pacifico Tennis courts.

A secondary purpose would be as a forum to discuss potential events that may attract people who would like to meet their neighbors socially and play some tennis. 

The Tennis Group Discussion Group would also be a forum to discuss topics such as: Would you think it would help or hurt if we had a sign up board at the courts? What should be the rules regarding signing up for courts (ie. How early can one sign up? Can one have more than one reservation? How long can each reservation be for playing singles? Doubles?)?

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Southwest Carlsbad School Issues

To keep informed of the latest on the proposed rezoning of our school district, affecting students of Pacific Rim school as well as information on all other issues affecting our schools, subscribe here to this information only email group.

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Ponto Beachfront Village Vision Plan

To be kept informed of the Ponto Redevelopment Plan, which will impact the San Pacifico Community, subscribe here to the email list.

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San Pacifico Plant Trading Group

If you would like to share plant cuttings with your neighbors, join the San Pacifico Plant sharing email group and post your available plant cuttings to the group via email, or pick up plant cuttings offered by your neighbors to the group. Cuttings available now are from Eric Hanscom. He has lots of impatients (the deep red color), papyrus (makes a great
pond plant), and horsetails (for pots).

Give him a call and come on by:
Eric Hanscom
(760) 804 1712

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San Pacifico Swimmers Group

If you are a swimmer and resident of the San Pacifico community, join this group to receive information relevant to swimmers in our community, in Carlsbad, and in San Diego County.

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