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Board Meeting
Thurs. Sept. 30th at 6PM
Location: Zoom
Walters Management Co.
3207 Grey Hawk Court Suite 140
Carlsbad, CA 92010
phone: 760 431-2522   
fax: 760 431-2512

Phone Nika or Becca:
760 930 7829


phone:760 930 7829

San Pacifico COA is the master association for three distinctive communities, Santalina Home Owners Association, Santander/San Sebastian Home Owners Association and VistaMar Home Owners Association.

The community consists of 454 units and acommunity recreation area. Of these, 56 units are attached homes and the remainder are stand alone single family residences. The recreation area contains tennis courts, a basketball court, a swimming pool and a spa.

The community straddles Avenida Encinas. It is

bounded on the west by Carlsbad Boulevard (CoastHighway), on the south by Batiquitos Lagoon, and on the northeast by Poinsettia Plaza.

There is a five-member board of directors, who are all home owners from the sub-associations.

San Pacifico's Board of Directors for 2021/22 is:

Jim Nardi President
Barbara Kesten Vice President
Craig Carter Treasurer
Chas Wick Secretary
Adriaan Van Zyl Director

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