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Board Meeting
Wed. Sept. 8th at 6PM
Wed. Oct. 13th at 6PM
Call in to Meeting Only

Melva Willey
5142 Avenida Encinas, Carlsbad, California 92008
phone: 760.585.1792
fax: 760.483.6886

Santalina is the smallest of San Pacifico's three communities.

It's 56 attached duplex units are located on three cul-de-sacs running north and south to the west of Interstate 5.

The homes are built along a bluff and almost all have, over the rooftops of the other communities of San Pacifico, views of the ocean to the west from both the upper and lower floors. Some also have views of Batiquitos Lagoon which forms San Pacifico's southern border.

Santalina board of directors for 2021/22:

Dolores Hamady President
Beatrice Verde Treasurer
Chaz Wick Vice President

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